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About Us:

We are a new breed of urban artists, designers, makes and doers who want to connect our true works of art to the art lovers in the world. There's one in all of us. We are a online marketplace of buyers and sells who deal in the fields of arts, crafts, digital accessories, fashion accessories, anything and everything which can be basically accessorized!

We envision to take artists individuality to the world and showcase their true artistic talents in product accessorization. We are artist's own personal digital platform which will take original works to the global online market. we are the place where one can buy any product in any design but true to its original function. we are a community in sprit of true artisans. An true artisan is a skilled craft worker who meticulously makes and creates things by hand that may be functional or strictly decorative!


To create a online platform for artisans to practice and share craft throughout the world. Giving them experience and aptitude to reach the expressive levels of an real artist.


To be a global online commercial bridge between the art lovers and artisans. Giving world class digital & operational experience to both.

‘Beauty’ is the feeling of awe, rising to the mystical wonder. ‘Beauty ‘ is the feeling of happiness . It's essence is sacred and pure. We find peace and natural grace in experiencing such enigmatic pulse.

Art and Crafts is the colourful and vibrant practice of Aesthetic phenomena. Is the space that enriches these ultimate gifts of emotion and feelings.

India is rich in different cultures and traditions. Each culture has its own unique style in art and crafts. Numerous artists have conserved and retained these unique styIe till today in their art and crafts.

In the contemporary art world, new hobby artists are exercising with innovative ideas to imbibe aesthetics in every aspects of daily life.

The aim of Tesseract Arts is to; build a platform for such hobby artists and professional artisans to showcase their Innovative ideas , Passion, Love for nature, Respect for tradition and culture.

Tesseract Arts felt that :

  • World Wide Web is the ultimate gateway to connect and communicate.
  • To bond different traditions and cultures and develop Multi-cultural art
  • To perform and promote art and crafts
  • To bring enthusiastic individuals together and celebrate art
  • To strengthen the rural artisans by providing them with a fair trade business

Tesseract Arts also emphasises on the art education to retain age old traditions. The cultures that enriched the life of communities through art and crafts. These are to be endowed in the contemporary lifestyle to hold the values that are passed on through ages.

To all of you - Thank you and Keep Visiting Gocrafty !!!!



Phone: 9945306322

Address: Tesseract Arts Pvt Limited, Balaji Residency, 4th Main 1st Cross, BEML Layout, Bangalore 560066